Q: What are some simple solution to spark the relationship between the couple?

A: Always say high to one another in the morning and or in the evening. You can also just say occasionally that you love each other. A real popular option is buy a little gift for one another as a surprise. This particular option will make the one receiving the gift be more happy with the person giving the gift.

Q: Who should I go to if I need help about my relationship status?

A: Always your parents are a good option because they have been through the marriage cycle. Another good source for help is close friends. Your friends know if you are happy about your status and are not afraid to speak their mind to help you feel better. If you are a religious person there could be people at your church that should be willing to help a person of the faith in a time of need.

Q: What should I say to someone if they need advice to help them get through their relationship?

A: First ask them the question are they happy? If they say no, then advise them to meet with a marriage counsel. If they say yes, then that means that they still love the person and it will be easier to fix the relationship. Because they are happy tell them what they do to be happy and let them know that they still should do it. Also say to them that they should go to someone that they feel really close to and don’t mind talking about their relationship.